Online Gaming rules

There are many rules which can help you a great deal in online gaming, but following are the rules which will definitely make your online gaming experience really good:

  1. You must talk to every NPC twice at least – The NPC or the Non Playing Character is one which is not controlled by any player playing the video game. It can be a weapon crafter, a soldier, your enemy or a guard, etc. Most of the players ignore them and pay the penalty when they realize that a certain NPC was an important part of the game. For this reason, you should talk to the NPCs in the game, however possible, when they interact with you. Make sure that you don’t pass-by an NPC without talking and confirm that what exactly he has to say and why is he interacting with you.
  2. The most damaged controller is mostly controlled by your unpopular guest – If you have regular video game nights at your home, then you should make sure that all your game controllers are in perfect condition. The worst controller you have is always taken by your most unpopular or irregular guest. This is ethically not correct as you can also be a guest somewhere and can be given the same type of controller to play. If your guest and your friends complains about it, then you can become very unpopular among your online games friends.
  3. Type ‘gg’ after each game you finish – The online games have some ethics and you are bound to follow them. You should show good sportsman spirit each time you play. Your remote online game competitors appreciate that when you show them good gesture even after losing the game. The ‘gg’ message is a norm these days in the online game which means ‘Good game’. Typing this after every game would make you a respectable online player with excellent spirit of the game as well. It is a small thing to do, but it has a very big impact on your game and your personality as well.